Thursday, August 2, 2012


Things have been progressing nicely at the house.  We have shiny new gutters, discovered that the GFCI outlet for the garage is in the upstairs bathroom (not in the kitchen, right off the garage), and cut down some trees.  We're the worst Oregon hippies ever, but I'm pretty sure that getting rid of the fuchsia crab apple gives the house greater curb appeal, or something someone on HGTV would say.


Pretty marked difference, I'd say.  Next up?  Getting rid of the pink.  The red beauty bark will be a project for next year.  Our next door neighbors gave us some info about native Colorado plants, so that'll be the big landscaping project for the next year.

I am proud to say that our garden is doing relatively well!  We had a pretty awesome raspberry harvest, and although we planted late, we're starting to get some other produce.

Gratuitous front yard rabbit picture thrown in for good measure.  Eventually I'll talk about the sous vide that Sam built, but for now, houses, gardens and rabbits.  You're all lucky I haven't thrown in a cat picture! 

Sorry for the weird formatting. I was trying to be fancy and play in HTML, but once again, the internets owned me.


  1. Is the bunny eating your garden? Nice job on cutting down the tree it definitely gives your house a more curb appeal.

  2. Nope, the rabbit was just hanging out in the front yard.