Sunday, June 2, 2013

More updates!

Obviously, I forgot that I even had a blog.  Then yesterday, I decided "hey, it would be SO MUCH EASIER to do a photo collage-y thing to show the progress that Sam and I have made on our house over the past year (plus)."  I log in, and BAM, I'm redirected to a page with scantily clad ladies who would just LOVE to have my credit card number.  If I were to give them my info, I would be granted access to a peek into their "everyday life."  Yep.  My blog was redirecting to adult entertainment sites.  So, um sorry to anyone who checked this for whatever reason and saw that.  Thanks Google/Blogger for catching the malware in the HTML code for my layout, oh wait - they didn't.  

Anyways, onto updates.  Short version:  We still live in mumblemumble, Colorado.  I think that our town is the best town ever.  I still work where I work.  Sam is now an ordained minister (weddings and baptisms are half off!),  Hunter is still big, and just a month ago we proudly announced an addition to our unofficially hyphenated family (the lastname1-lastname2/lastname2-lastname1's); Lucy, an Australian Cattledog/Blue Heeler mix adopted from the local Humane Society.   

Long version with pictures:

When we purchased the house, it was pink.  With red bark, red yard brick, and a fuchsia/purple crabapple tree in the front.  The sprinkler system hadn't been used since I was probably in the first grade.  

Without further ado pictures (sequenced clockwise).

Not bad for folk who have only been in the house for a year and a half.  Our neighbors are ecstatic about the changes.  We've already been challenged to a "who has a prettier lawn"competition for next year.

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