Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuna Overload and Business Travel...

Just about two weeks ago, one of my awesome co-workers took Sam and I out fishing. On the ocean. Yes, I had heavy anti-motion sickness meds, and I'm proud to say, for the very first time ever, I did not puke whilst out on the ocean. I did get a bit woozy, and had to lie down for a few, but I blame that on the drugs. (I also got seasick the day after sitting at my desk in my office...Scopalamine patches are strong!)

In the end, we caught 19 tuna, ranging from 12-42 lbs, and 3 silver salmon. 19 tuna ended up being about 100 lbs of filleted out fishes. I need a new freezer, and everything in my house smells like tuna! Hunter S. Kittencat was quite pleased with Sam and I for once. We learned he prefers salmon over tuna if given the choice.

This week, Sam and I are up in Camas, WA, taking Reliability Engineer training. Therefore, I haven't been creating much, but I'm thinking of a few posts: how to cook in a Hilton Homewood Suites, How in the hell to deal with 100 lbs of tuna, "why does my house still smell like tuna?" and "no, as a matter of fact I would NOT like to have Tuna for dinner tonight."

The one nice part about being up in WA? We didn't pack any tuna....


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