Friday, August 13, 2010

Moving is Fun!

Sam and I have recently given up beach living for a life in the mountains.  To me, this means that instead of being at sea level where my sinuses don't bleed, I am now a bazillion (or 5,215) feet up in the sky, where at the moment, my sinuses DO bleed. That's right, we are now in Boulder, Colorado.  Oh wait, it's Denver that's the mile high city, right?  Oh well.  

We arrived in Boulder on Tuesday, with Hunter in tow.  Hunter was relatively calm during the ride, thanks entirely to the Feliway Spray that San so graciously let me us.  Hunter hates cars, and normally spends his time in them howling or trying frantically to figure out how in the hell to get out of the car.  Normally this includes vaulting himself at closed windows.   Right, I should probably stay on track here.  We got the keys to our new place on Wednesday, and are now sitting in a mostly empty house waiting for our furniture to arrive.  The moving company seems to be telling us that our stuff will either get here on Sunday, or next Wednesday, and this changes based on who you talk to at what time of the day, so in short, we have no idea where our stuff is (Portland is my best guess) or when it will get here (Anyone want to start a pool?  Prize is, well, crap, I'm unemployed now, so there is no prize).

So, I didn't have the foresight to cart any of my pots and pans with me, which  means that I have no cooking implements.  This is driving me nuts.  I also packed up the cookbook that is going to help me adjust to baking at high altitudes, so I can't start reading up to attempt to avoid the disasters that come along when you're used to cooking at sea level.  

So, stay tuned I guess.  Once we get our stuff, I'll be posting more, because really, what else do I have to do other than job hunt, bake, and watch daytime tv?


  1. I think your stuff will get there on Tuesday. I hate movers and really I don't like moving. But I am glad you made it safely and I hope your stuff gets there soon. Cooking at high altds is fun in my opinion, but then again that is what I grew up with.