Friday, September 10, 2010

Kegerator Makeover

I may have mentioned this before, but Sam brews his own beer.  A couple of years ago he decided that it was time to upgrade from a single kegerator to a double kegerator (pictured above).  Sam found a mini fridge, and converted it to a double kegerator, complete with a tower and two taps.  Of course, one could purchase a kegerator, with all of the fixings already put on it, but that wouldn't be all that fun now would it?  

So, other then adding in a drip pan, and rotating out  tap handles (pictured above is Rogue's  Yellow Snow Ale, and a tap handle make from a deer horn), and making some bottle cap magnets, we hadn't really done much with the kegerator itself.  With the big move over, and the house put together, Sam mentioned he thought it would be awesome to turn the front of the kegerator into a chalkboard.

This past Monday after returning from a wedding (Congrats Aldis and Sandra!), Sam and I decided that it was time to get crafty.  We ran out to Home Depot, picked up some Rustoleum Chalk Paint and the recommended primer, and off we went.  We did two coats of primer on the front of the fridge, and three coats of the chalk paint to be sure that everything was covered.  Rustoluem recommends that before writing on the paint, after it's dried for three days, covering the entire surface with chalk, then erasing it all to create a chalk layer (second picture).

The results?  Pretty damned awesome, if I do say so myself.  I believe the total cost for our kegerator makeover was about $35, and now we have chalk paint and primer for other projects.  Sam's suggested that I paint the top of the chest freezer, and write what I have hoarded in there on the top.  I'll think about it....

(Ta da!)