Thursday, November 18, 2010

TMinus 1 Week

Thanksgiving is in one week!  This year the families will be descending on Colorado for the very first joint Thanksgiving.  I am currently alternating between excitement and hyperventilation.  Is the menu OK?  Crap, I still have to make the pie crusts!  AM I MAKING ENOUGH FOOD?  I think I've got the appetizers pretty much dialed in (I've got my priorities straight, right?), but there's still tons to do!  

Here is my to-do list for the next week, up to the day of Thanksgiving: (and in no particular order)
Make Dinner Rolls (decide on recipe), freeze rolls
Make herb-oil infusion for under turkey skin (Tuesday)
Pick up Turkey (Tuesday)
Make Hummus
Cut up vegetables for veggie platter
Make Roasted Red Pepper Crostini
Finish grocery list 
    Go to Grocery Store
Decide on stuffing recipe
Make pie crust (and freeze)
Launder sheets and comforters
Press napkins
Polish Silver
Make cranberry sauce (Probably Tuesday)
Make pizza Sauce (for pizza bar on Friday)
Make pizza dough (and freeze)
Give Hunter a Spa Day (clip nails and brush)
Vacuum house
Clean bathrooms
Launder all bathroom rugs

Wow. this list is a lot longer then I thought it would be.   I need to get cracking!

What is everyone doing for Thanksgiving this year? 



  1. Holy Heck! You are on a roll... Hmm wonder if I can get a plan ticket and show up on your doorstep... it's very tempting!

  2. I have a good roll recipe that is yummy and freezes well if you want it I can send it your way. Good luck on your to do list! And thanks for the reminder that gobble till you wobble day is in 1 week! Ekk I better get cracking!