Monday, March 7, 2011

Kiwi Sorbet

Things have been a bit different around here for the past couple of months.  Sam picked up some Goddesses, and Hunter got into the tiger blood (again), and I started a new job.  So far, the job seems like it has potential, but I've always found that the first couple of months are never really representative of how a job will be - there's the learning curve associated, the training etc, and this job has been no different.  My new position is definitely a change from my last - the pace isn't as fast (no one needs anything yesterday), and the culture is totally different (wait, you couldn't change your own light bulbs at your last job?), but I'm starting to really like it, without going into too many details which would be so boring (or awesome) to most people that your body would explode.

Having a new job has meant shifting the balance of my free time a bit, and I'll be the first to admit that while I was a real (pretend) housewife of Boulder County, I really let my time management skills slide.  I mean, I was home for a good 6 months before I started work.  I think I managed to post on here once?  Twice?  Sorry, I was too into watching Judge Judy and Maury to be bothered with coming up with coherent sentences, and watching Hunter learn that not only are squirrels not your friend, but they may be tasty as well. 

Where am I going with this ramble and a half?  I'm going to make an attempt to post more often.  There may or may not be pictures, because I always forget to take them, but I'll post the recipes, and maybe one day update with pictures.  Hell, we all know I won't do that.  I'll get distracted by Hunter, or another shiny new cookbook.

So, onto the recipe:

Kiwi Sorbet
(total side note, it took me 5 minutes to find the cookbook I got this recipe from.  Maybe I have too many cookbooks? Ah, no.  you can never have too many cookbooks.)
            From Martha Stewart's Cooking School   

4 c. chopped kiwi (thereabouts of 16 kiwis)
0.5 c. water
1 tbs. lime juice
1.25 c. simple syrup (3 c. water + 3 c. sugar + heat + winning = simple syrup)
  • Puree chopped kiwi and water in a food processor.  Using a mesh strainer, strain pulp and seeds out.  Add a little bit of the strained seeds back into the puree to make it pretty.  (But not so many seeds that they're overpowering.)
  • Combine puree, simple syrup and lime juice in a bowl.  Wash an egg off (a whole egg, mind you), dry it, and put it into the bowl.  If a quarter-sized area of the egg floats above the puree, you're good.  If not, add more simple syrup until you get the egg to float properly.  Remove egg, cover mixture and refrigerate or freeze until thoroughly chilled.  
  • Process according to your ice cream maker manufacturer's instructions.  Once frozen-ish, transfer to a container and freeze overnight.  


  1. I like your made me laugh and remember the good old days of living with you and hearing your ramblings in person!

  2. Uh, YUM!!!! Yay for more posts!!