Thursday, May 19, 2011


Without fail, every spring I get an itch to plant a garden, and start driving Sam nuts with my inane chatter about what I should plant.  Sam always reminds me that we have a limited area to plant in, but I never let that deter me: come hell or high water I am determined to have my vegetable garden.

More often than not, what I tried to grow was an absolute failure: some plants won't grow well in containers (which is what I was working with), and other plants just wouldn't grow in our little corner of the coast (I'm looking at YOU,basil, tomatoes and peppers).  I had some triumphs: my rosemary plant was fantastic (I still miss it, I left it with a friend when we moved), I could always count on chives coming back, and I had figured out how to grow onions and sugar snap peas.

When we arrived in Colorado, with all of my planters in tow, I immediately forced, nicely asked Sam if he would buy me a new rosemary and thyme plant.  He bought them for me at the market, and I promptly killed them.  Who knew that you actually had to water plants?  In Oregon, I watered our plants once or twice a year, and NEVER had to worry about them freezing.  This whole having "seasons" thing has taken some getting used to.

This year, we're planting more then we have before in hopes of having a fairly decent yield.  I've got radishes, lettuce, onions, broccoli, New Mexican chiles, tomatoes, and HOPS!  Sam bought some rhizomes this year, and the first one that we got has taken off!  It'll only be a matter of time before our neighbors get irritated at the beer-smelling vine growing up the side of our place.  

Now for a boatload of photos:



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  1. Yay for gardening! I haven't figure out where my garden should go so mine is non existent this year. =( I however hope yours is super successful this year!