Tuesday, December 27, 2011

House and all that Jazz

So, we bought a house.  Here are some pictures. The house is a tri-level with a basement.  

This is the entry way, as seen from the front door.  

 Entryway/kitchen, as seen from the upper level.

Where the entryway leads up to the bedrooms/office, and down to the TV area and eventually the basement

 Kitchen/dining room, from the top of the stairs. 

Office (upstairs)

  Guest bedroom (upstairs)

 Master bedroom (excuse the unmade bed)

Living room (downstairs)

Craft/Beer room.

Gym (basement)

So there you go.  With the exception of a few rooms (bathrooms, laundry room, paper product storage room, and the pantry), here's the house.  The light is a bit crappy, but oh well.  Oh, and the backyard is covered in snow.  Nothing fun to see there. 

Sam, Hunter and I are are beyond excited to finally have a place we can call our own. 


  1. Kim- That is an awesome house! Congratulations!
    You rock in having cool space.
    I love that you have a surf- board in your basement!

    Enjoy it all.
    I miss seeing you babe!
    Mallory's Mom
    Pam D.

    1. Thanks Pam! We're pretty excited about the house. How have you been?