Friday, December 2, 2011


So, the news that I alluded to in my previous post (you know, that one about a month ago?), was that S and I were under contract to purchase our first home.  I may not be a religious gal, but I am a superstitious one, so I didn't want to go about saying we had a place when there were still so many unknowns.  Total side note: as an engineer, unknowns freak me out. 

Well, I can say with absolute certainty (since I'm typing this from the new house), THAT WE OWN A HOME.  Hunter did slightly better with this move, but he still scared the living hell out of us by disappearing for a good 12 hours when we had movers coming over.  We still have no idea where in the hell that cat hid.  Don't worry though, he casually sauntered out from his hiding spot around dinnertime.  At least he's predictable. 

I'll be posting a bit about the house for the next while, with all the painting, and the new projects (and somewhat failures, ahem, fridge-tastrophe).  Bear with me, I'll get to pictures when we have things unpacked a little bit. 

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