Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Because I'm Feeling Ranty

and no one reads this anyways.  Here is a list of things that currently piss me off:
  • CenturyLink.  Hands down the worst customer service I have experienced.  EVER.  That's saying quite a bit.  I once had to cajole Compaq into admitting their product was defective.  Talk about pulling teeth. 
  • The Pioneer Woman.  She may be the "everyday housewife's" go to but, seriously, learn how to make a goddamned roux.  Also, butter does not make everything better.  Her recipes are shit, unless you need a bazillion pictures of chopping onions and garlic.  I used to read her site, but NONE of her recipes ever worked.  Why is she famous? I just saw a preview of her show, and her voice is as obnoxious as her lack of decent cooking skills.  I could teach the cat to cut an onion like she does, but he prefers eating butter.
  •  Centurylink.  Again.  Seriously, screw those guys.  
  • That picture that is a mashup of Tim Tebow praying vs the Muslims praying, and asking why Tebow is wrong.  I'll break it down:
    • The Muslims are praying towards Mecca at their place of worship. No one (should ever) get on someone for praying/etc at their place of worship.
    • Tim Tebow is making a show of his religion at his place of work.  Last time I checked the NFL is not a religious organization. 
    • Comparing the two is like (to sound utterly cliche) comparing apples to oranges.  
    • People who love the Tebow would be super irate if a player of another religion 
    • (Muslim/no religion/Jewish) made a show of their faith
So pretty much, everything pisses me off at the moment.  Especially those asshacks at CenturyLink.

Before I get a bunch of angry comments about the Tebow rant, let me get one thing clear; I am an athiest.  I am not a militant athiest.  I firmly believe that everyone has the right to observe their religion (or lack thereof).  I am not going to be the person who sues the government because our currency says "in God we trust."  I respect people with religion and the people that believe that I respect the most are the folk who don't feel as if they have to make a production out of their faith.  For what it's worth, I was raised Protestant. Feel free to call me an awful person for my lack of faith but know this: I refuse to look down on a person for their faith,  unless they are militant in their beliefs (as in, everyone needs to believe in what I believe in).  To each their own. 

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  1. I'm sorry you are having a bad day especially with CL.